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Finnish Boxing Federation 

Finnish Boxing Federation, founded in 1923, is the national govering body for the sport of boxing in Finland. There are over 100 affiliated clubs and more than 4 000 members spread across the country. 

Finnish Boxing Federation carries out a number of functions including overseeing the safety and welfare of members, offering courses for coaching and judging, enforcing rules and regulations and representing Finnish boxing in international venues.

  • Equality 
  • Respect for individual 
  • Transparency and honesty 
  • Purposefullness
  • To support our boxers in their path to take concrete steps towards their goals.
  • To look after interest of Finnish boxing and to inspire new people to find our sports . 
  • To succeed in the Olympics
  • To show responsibility in every act
  • To be the leading martial art in Finland

Finnish Boxing Federation

Valimotie 10
FI-00380 Helsinki

Tel. + 358 40 138 7878

Marko Laine, Secretary General

Tel. +358 40 550 8996

Noora Kokkonen, Federation Secretary

Tel. +358 40 138 7878

Ervin Kade, High Performance Director

Tel. +358 40 531 3284

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